Low-Voltage installations

LOW-VOLTAGE INSTALLATIONS are LAN computer networks, alarm systems, access control, CCTV, monitoring, entry-phones and video entry-phones, satellite television systems, fire fighting systems, de-smoking systems, work time registration systems, fire detection systems,  sound warning systems. LT Service installs low-voltage systems and offers their maintenance and technical support. A low-voltage installation is a set of electrical devices with co-ordinated technical parameters, rated voltage of up to 1,000 V of alternating current and 1,500 V of direct current. Its purpose is to supply electrical energy from the distribution network to the terminals. Such installation includes not just power cables and wires, but also protective devices, connection, protective and control instruments and casings. This also includes batteries, UPS and power generators.

We have highly qualified personnel capable of handling high- and low-voltage installations.



Our experience in facility management allows us to use the best design and operation solutions. We execute medium- and low-voltage installations: CCTV, SSP, DSO, ACC, anti-burglar alarm protection system, RTV, LAN and telephone systems, de-smoking, CO detection systems.


Our engineers co-operate with such automation market potentates as Honeywell, TAC and Johnson.

If you are interested in co-operating with us, please contact:
Joanna Walczak
T: 691 500 465
M: joanna.walczak@ltservice.com.pl

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