Facility Management

Professional FACILITY MANAGEMENT guarantees reliable functioning of systems and installations in buildings, which is of particular importance from the point of view of the effectiveness and correctness of their operation.
We are aware of this and consequently make every effort to provide our Customers with technical support and maintenance services of the highest quality.



We specialise in professional technical support of:

  • Building infrastructure,
  • Ventilation installations,
  • Sanitary installations,
  • Heating and cooling installations,
  • Low-voltage installations.



As part of our services we offer:

  • Technical support of all installations,
  • Technical inspections, maintenance of all installations (including fire-fighting systems),
  • Maintenance of all installations,
  • Performance of minor construction jobs,
  • Performance of construction inspections (annual and 5-year) covering:

electrical and lightning protection installation, elements of buildings, structures and installations exposed to harmful impact of the weather, especially leak-tightness of the gas systems and gas detection, lighting in premises, both emergency and evacuation with light intensity measurement, central heating installations, ventilation and exhaust gases flues:

  • Good performance guarantee,
  • Fit Out.



If you are interested in co-operating with us, please contact:
Joanna Walczak
T: 691 500 465
M: joanna.walczak@ltservice.com.pl


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