We are effective, we look after the operation, repairs and maintenance and have a qualified and experienced team.

LT Serwis Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa has been operating in the Facility i Project Management sector since 2001.
We provide comprehensive services in modern office, hotel and industrial buildings of various character, which include: facility management, Help Desk, Call Centre, servicing technical installations.

As regards professional technical support we look after the operation, repairs and maintenance of all equipment and systems, including the electric, sanitary, HVAC, fire protection, access control, burglary and robbery alarm, CCTV, BMS systems. We deal with the energy management.


We make sure that all our work is precisely documented thanks to the introduction of appropriate procedures adjusted to the characteristics of the managed building.
Apart from technical support services we also manage the investment process connected with space arrangements. We have delivered arrangements both in the buildings managed by us and in other facilities in Poznań and Warsaw.

Our activities also include executing automation and low-voltage installations.

We effectively optimise the processes and costs connected with our work through proper organisation, maintenance of an appropriate level of specialisation and access to the necessary information and auxiliary means.

Our highly qualified team is supported by experienced engineers. We provide assistance in resolving technical problems which may occur in the buildings managed by you and invite you to co-operate with us in all the aforesaid areas.


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